Finding the right specialist to give you the eyebrows of your dreams can be difficult. At iBrowBar, we want to make it easier for the people of Sydney to find the best eyebrow feathering available to them.

Introducing Mariam

Mariam is a well sought after and renowned Microblading Specialist in Sydney, with family background in tattoo artistry. She attended Microblading Training in Germany, training with and amongst leading Microblading Artists, and has attained multiple certificates and training in Australia.

Mariam has created a high and leading profile in Sydney and Melbourne in the area of microblading and continues to dominate the area with her beautiful technique, cementing herself as one of the best eyebrow feathering artists in the city.


With iBrowBar’s exclusive style of treatment, Mariam creates microbladed hair strokes that follows the direction of the eyebrows, blending in the feather technique and creating a natural brow enhancement. The aim of iBrowBar technique is to create the natural and flawless brow look, helping to give you the confidence to step out with your head held high.


From Cronulla to Manly, through to Bondi and beyond, iBrowBar have the certified cosmetic treatments you can rely on.

Whether you’re interested in eyebrow feathering tattoos, lash line tattoo enhancement, lip tattoo and contouring or even a microblading education course, simply browse our selection of services and find the right one for your beauty needs.


At iBrowBar, we will tailor the eyebrow feathering to your face to further complement your natural features.

To further discuss the eyebrow feathering tattoo techniques, processes and associated costs, then please get in touch with us by calling 0473 398 104, or by submitting an enquiry through our online contact form.

Find out why the people of Sydney are seeking out Mariam’s exquisite services to get the best eyebrow feathering in town.


Eyebrow Feather Stroke

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Feathering & Powder Shade

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Lip Contour with Soft Blush Shading

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Lip Contour with Soft Blush Shading

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Lash Line Tattoo Enhancement

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Microblading Education Course

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    celine mahikian Avatarceline mahikian

    I am very happy with the service they provide. The staff were very helpful and gentle. She explained me every... read more - 11/12/2019 

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    The online appointment is great, nice and easy and very user friendly to make an appointment online. Ashnay was great... read more - 9/12/2017 

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    Three years ago a girlfriend of mine recommended me to see Mariam as i wasn't happy with how my eyebrows... read more - 5/18/2020 

    Deniz Ashak AvatarDeniz Ashak

    Great service very professional 👍👍👍highly recommended ❤️ - 8/22/2020 

  • Masie Alizadeh AvatarMasie Alizadeh

    She is an artist. I was very comfortable during the whole processI love my new brows 😘😍 - 2/01/2021 

    Keeping up with the Sutton Sisters AvatarKeeping up with the Sutton Sisters

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    The best best eyebrow expert in the business! - 4/22/2017 

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    Amazing service! Best in the business, I would recommend this place to anyone without hesitation! - 5/18/2020 

    Reem H AvatarReem H

    The best eyebrow feathering place you will ever go to, Mariam is not only professional but is so gentle. I... read more - 10/22/2020 


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