Mariam has a background of being an Esthetician and Cosmetologist for over 5 years. With her growing passion in the industry and Permanent Makeup World, she wanted to further her education to help others feel good about themselves. Mariam, is highly professional and driven to help people from all walks of life.Her specialties include: Microblading, Ombre Powder Brows, Color Correction and lip and eyeliner tattoo.

Mariam is a well sought after and renowned Microblading Specialist in Sydney, with family background in tattoo artistry. She attended Microblading Training in Germany, training with and amongst leading Microblading Artists, and has attained multiple certificates and training in Australia.

Mariam has created a high and leading profile in Sydney and Melbourne in the area of Microblading and continues to dominate the area with her technique.

With iBrowBar’s exclusive style of treatment, Mariam creates microbladed hair strokes that follows the direction of the eyebrows, blending in the feather technique and creating a natural brow enhancement. The aim of iBrowBar technique is to create the natural and flawless brow look.

IBrowBar Lips and Ibrowbar Liner are fine pigmentation methods, whereby pigment is gently applied with the finest needles into the skin. Ibrowbar Lips and iBrowBar Liner are not tattoos, but semi-permanent makeup techniques. These techniques are pigmentations that are introduced into the epidermis and more specifically into the basal cell layer.