Wake up looking fresh, with minimal effort! Yes, it is possible to have perfectly outlined eyes or the lip colour you’ve been dreaming about 24 hours a day. Cosmetic tattooing is not only a science, but it’s also a true art form, and when you’re searching for the artist to highlight and enhance your natural features, it’s understandable that you’d want to find a certified, trusted and talented artist.

Mariam from iBrowsBar is that artist you’ve been searching for. She works hard to deliver beautifully applied lip and eyeliner tattoos across Sydney to her countless valued clients.


Every body’s look is different, which is why iBrowBar provides a full range of services.

Lip Contour and Lip Liner
Create a natural blush colour and a natural looking fullness to your lips.

Lip Contour with Soft Blush Shading… $995

Lip Line Ombre… $895

Lip Early Touch-Up… $400

Lip Late Touch Up…$550

Lash Line Tattoo Enhancement

Discreetly define and frame your eyes.

Designer Eyeliner… $950

Lash Line… $795

Early Touch-Up… $350

Late Touch-Up… $450

For further pricing information about the procedures and associated deposits, visit our pricing page.


Mariam is a sought-after semi-permanent makeup specialist working in both Sydney and Melbourne and comes from a family background in tattoo artistry. Having worked as an aesthetician and cosmetologist for over five years, she has built her portfolio up and now works with her valued clients across Sydney, delivering certified eyeliner and lip tattoos, as well as her famous eyebrow microblading.

With Mariam’s exclusive style of treatment, you’ll feel pampered and walk out feeling flawless, whether you’re after her signature feathered brows, and eyeliner tattoo, or a lip tattoo.

Booking your appointment
For further information about Mariam’s full range of services, or about her microblading education course, then please don’t hesitate to book your consultation today. Get in touch by using our simple online contact form, by calling 0473 398 104, or by sending an email through to Find out why more people across BondiCronullaManly and the greater Sydney area are flocking to iBrowBar for perfectly applied semi-permanent makeup.

IbrowBar Tattoo Eyes
IbrowBar Tattoo Lips


Is the process of applying pigment to your lash line and is designed to create an effect of darker and fuller eyelashes. It gives a natural finished look and makes your eyes “pop”!
What to expect?
this a tattoo of your lash line, NOT the waterline nor the eyelid, but directly where your lashes grow. Some puffiness can be normal for right after and the following couple of days. Unless one has extremely sensitive eyes and they experience more than the usual puffiness or redness, it shouldn’t affect normal day-to-day activities.

We recommend on a week long of dry heal. Clearly, our eyes are naturally wet but just refrain from soaking your eyes area in water (shower/ bath/ swimming), avoid saunas, wearing eye makeup, applying moisturizer, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long it takes?
Each lash enhancement appointment takes 1.5-2hr and a smokey eye appointment takes about 3hr. We require two sessions to complete this tattoo and the second session will be scheduled in person for 6-8 weeks after.

How long it lasts?
A few years! It depends on your skin, sun exposure, beauty routine, etc… but usually lasts between 1-3 years before you need to come back for a little refresh.

Does it hurt?
Out of all the procedures we offer, usually clients say this is the least painful! We use lots of numbing and make sure our clients feel comfortable. With that being said, if you don’t feel comfortable with the thought of someone touching your eyes or know it is a sensitive area for you- this might not be the right procedure for you!


  • No fake lashes – they have to be removed at least 2 weeks prior to the appointment and can’t be put back on til 2 weeks after the touch up.
  • No lash serums for at least one month before.
  • No lash lifts/tints at least 10 days prior, and must wait 2 weeks after touch up.
  • No Blepharitis (eyelid infection, usually caused by poor makeup removal habits and falsies).
  • Eye surgery needs a min of 6 months before tattoo.
  • But surgery on the actual eye itself needs a note from doctor.


  • We recommend on a dry healing method (until the scabs are gone – usually it takes about one week, might be longer for some, but generally about that time)
  • day 1- may be some swelling by end of day. Clients may apply ice over a clean cloth, but not directly on skin.
  • day 2- may be some swelling, but should go down by the end of this day or the next.
  • day 3- skin may feel dry, this is normal. Light layer of coconut/grapeseed oil may be applied, but very carefully and not in excess.
  • day 4 onward- continue to keep area dry and free of makeup/products until scabs are gone (no sauna, pools, sunbathing, do not peel scabs)
  • Between appointments, be careful not to use creams/products that contain acids or ingredients that will lighten or exfoliate the skin.


This method yields soft and fresh results- no harsh outlines, just a subtle blush of color to define shape and make lips look naturally plump & flushed! A custom color is mixed for each and every client based on their skin color, undertones and existing lip shade.

Here’s some important *need to know* regarding the Lip Tint Tattoo process

  • pain is minimal – 2 anesthetics are used to keep you comfortable!
  • healing time is very quick and very easy, just a few days of applying Aquaphor/ grape seed oil & avoiding spicy foods/swimming/sauna
  • the area will be slightly swollen for a day or two (but nothing you have to hide away from, they’ll just be plump)
  • color is very vibrant for the first 2 days then begins settling in, softening and turning very natural
  • this is a two-step process: we will book your second session when you are in the studio
  • cooler/darker lips might require extra sessions to achieve desired results. Feel free to email us if you’d like us to take a look prior to booking!


Lip fillers: you MUST wait at least 1 month before/ after getting your lips tattooed

Cold sores: if you’ve EVER had even 1 cold sore on the outside area of your mouth or on your lips you MUST take doctor prescribed Valtrex at least 3 days prior and 3 days after getting your lips tattooed. If you don’t- this procedure will trigger an outbreak that will affect healing- so this is very important & very easy to avoid!

Moisturize: make sure your lips are well moisturized in the days leading to the appt. Dry, cracked lips won’t heal nicely!


Day 1
Your skin will start slowly releasing lymph fluid right after your procedure. This is a common healing process for our bodies! Wipe your lips with water and a cotton round a few times today to minimize scabbing. Before bed apply aquaphor/ grape seed oil. The color will look the most vibrant today. Sometimes light bruises may occur, even after the procedure is over. It is normal and will disappear after a few hours.

Day 2
The lips may still be swollen today. Make sure you keep them moisturized with IBB BALM (do not apply ice- this will cause bruising).

Day 3-7
Keep moisturizing with IBB BALM as needed! Some light flaking or peeling may occur- this is normal. Do not pick on any dry skin. After a few weeks: you will notice the actual healed results from your session (you’ll notice a few color changed until then). Patience is key :)


  • Refrain from soaking your lips in water for a week and from applying makeup to them.
  • Refrain from using saunas and swimming pools, sweating excessively and sunbathing.
  • Do not peel any dry skin/ scabs.
  • Keep the lips moisturized with IBB BALM or grapeseed oil only (no vaseline, antibiotic creams, neosporene, etc.)
  • During the first 4 weeks post procedure refrain from using exfoliants, acids and anti aging serums on the area near and around the lips.


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